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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

The Most In-demand and Highest Paying Salary Jobs in Australia

What do you think about changing your career? Want to know how much Australia’s top earners make? Many of us now have to rethink how we work and our career goals. The most notable example of this shift is the “Great Resignation,” in which millions of workers have quit their day jobs. It is important to remember that a high pay cheque should not be the only consideration when choosing a job.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the highest paying jobs in Australia; using data from the Australian. It’s not surprising that the majority of jobs are in medicine. Law, engineering, and financial services are also high-paying. All the top 10 occupations earn more than $150,000 annually before tax or the Medicare Levie. This is not the median average.

Australia’s Best-Paying Industries

Australia’s legal sector continues paying some of the best salaries. Experienced in-house general attorneys at ASX100 businesses are the highest-paid job in Australia. They earn an average of $437,000. General Counsel Roles at other companies fall well below the six-figure mark. An increase in demand for leadership roles within the sector has also resulted in a surge in salary.

Australia’s Best-Paying Industries
Best-Paying Industries in Australia

For example, the average annual pay for chief technical officers went up by $30,000 compared to last year and now averages $330,000.Senior project managers like general managers in construction continue to earn the most, with an average of $350,000 per annum. With an average salary of $325,000 per year, Head of Operations roles in the Mining, Energy, and Resources industry are still highly-paid.

The high paying sales jobs australia and the banking positions are also highly paid. The salary you receive is important in deciding where you are on your career path. To help you decide on the next step, we have compiled a list based on our 2022 Michael Page Salary Report. While the list of the highest-paying jobs in Australia focuses on senior positions, it also highlights other highly-paid job sectors. Knowing this will help you decide which industry to enter if your goal is to start a new job or change jobs.

Highest-Paid Jobs
Highest-Paid Jobs

To 12 Australia’s Highest-Paid Jobs

1. Legal Professionals, Such As Judges and Lawyers

This is a broad term that covers many different roles within the legal industry. It can include lawyers, paralegals, administrative assistants, and judges. The best thing about a career in law? You can choose what field you want to pursue and make significant changes to legislation at both the state and local levels.

Highest-Paid Jobs in Australia
Highest-Paid Jobs in Australia


  • Completing a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) or a Juris Doctor degree (JD).
  • Complete Practical Legal Training that can be completed within a year.
  • Within five years of graduation, get admission from the Admissions Authority of the relevant state/territories.
  • Apply for a Practicing Certificate through your local Law Society.
  • Complete 18 to 24 months of supervised work at a law company. 
  • Average salary: $394,303.

According to reports, surgeons have been at the top of the value chain for the profession since 2010. ATO analysis has shown that surgeons’ average annual salaries have increased by $52,500 in the past ten years. For a surgeon to be qualified, one must have at least five to six years of specialist surgical training in one nine-specialty area.

Learning in many areas is practical and very similar to apprenticeships. These nine specialties include neurosurgery (general, cardiothoracic), pediatric, head and neck, orthopedic, neurosurgery, and neurosurgery. 

To qualify to be a General Practitioner, you will need:

  • Receive a University degree, including a Bachelor’s Degree (4-6 years).
  • Participate in a hospital internship or residency program (for between 2 and 3 years).
  • After your fellowship, you can go on to sub-specialization studies within one of nine areas. You might earn significantly more each year than the average salary if you have more training.

2. Clinical Administrators

Clinic Administrators are among the most highly-paid medical positions in Australia. A clinical administrator in Australia can expect to earn $77,000 a year on average. A clinical administrator can be a professional in the healthcare industry who works in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

This job involves administrative assistance for patients and the medical staff. They also ensure the smooth running of healthcare facilities by developing and implementing policies. Supervising other healthcare professionals is another responsibility. Most clinical administrator’s work in a hospital or care facility, where they can assist patients suffering from various injuries or illnesses.

To apply for this job, applicants must have an accredited degree (in business administration or health studies) and a current registered nurse (RN), You will need to have at least five years of experience as a clinical administrator. This includes experience in patient care coordination, administering facilities and staff, managing budgets, supervising employees, managing records, and writing reports.

3. Senior Information Technology (It) Project Manager

Average salary: $143,615 ( IT professionals are vital in today’s technologically driven world. Senior IT project managers in Australia should be organized and quick-thinking, able to keep up with new trends and technologies.

This high-paying job requires you to be able to manage and implement computer systems.TrainSmart Australia offers a range of Diploma courses that can help you acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary to work as a Senior IT Project Manager.

These courses are:

1. Diploma in Information Technology

2.  Advanced Networking

3. Diploma in Project Management

4. Forex and Stock Traders

Close behind financial dealers are forex and stock trading is considered in highest paying jobs in Australia. Their earnings can vary greatly and reach hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars. The average earnings for a forex or stock broker are about $100,000 without any benefits and about $300,000.

5. Cloud Engineer

Software is an integral part of any organization’s operations. Therefore, there is a greater need for cloud professionals. Cloud engineers spend their time optimizing software solutions to maximize their performance. Glassdoor says that Australian cloud engineers average $120,000/year while $95,000 is available for New Zealanders.

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity uses processes and controls that protect computers, networks, and programs from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity teams aim to reduce the likelihood of data being stolen. With ExpertTrack, you can build the foundations to support your cybersecurity knowledge.

Virtually every company needs cybersecurity. With cybercrime increasing, every CEO seeks to hire cybersecurity personnel. This is an extremely fast-growing job in technology.

As part of a cyber security team, you can work for virtually any company. Some examples of such roles are:

  • Network security
  • Threat intelligence
  • Forensics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Incident response

You can check out our micro-credential cyber security operations to learn more about cyber security operations.

7. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief technology officers are highly sought-after as they are considered an ’emerging position.’ The growth of big data, AI, and the challenges of COVID-19 are driving the technology sector to thrive.CTOs have the responsibility of managing technical aspects and resources within an organization. They also work towards technological innovation and ensure digital readiness.

CTOs make $300,000.00 a year after taxes. $3.737 a week directly to your account.

To Become CTO, You Will Need To:

  • You will need a bachelor’s degree or more in a computer science-related field. This includes a focus on cybersecurity and big data.
  • Work experience is gained in network architecture and information security management. CTOs often have 15 years of experience working in IT roles before they can be entrusted with the leadership of an entire organization’s IT strategy.
  • Develop leadership and business skills.


  • IT Career Starter Collection
  • Diploma in Applied Information Technology
  • Undergraduate Certificate Technology

8. Internal Medicine Specialist – $304,752

Internal medicine specialists make up the highest paying jobs in Australia occupation, making an average of $304,752 per season, or around $3,670 a week after tax. This group has many occupations, including specialists, physicians, neurologists, neurologists, and pediatricians. This can lead to significant differences in income. An example: The average taxable salary for a cardiologist is $469,000 and the average for an endocrinologist at $253,528.


$190 852

The profession has 9,559 members.

9.      Engineering Manager

An engineering background is essential to becoming an engineering manager. Only after you gain experience in the field can you be qualified to take on the management or supervisory role of engineering manager.

10. Social Media Manager

Do you love social media? Particularly for Gen Z and millennials seeking to work in the digital world, a career as a Social Media Manager has become a very popular career. You will be able to use both your copywriting and graphic design skills to engage a community online.

Social media managers make $81,139, an average of $81,139 each year in Australia. (Source: Indeed) If you are interested in this career route, we recommend you study the 10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing.

11.  Project Managers

The business world is always searching for people with skills in the recognized PM methodologies. Salaries start at an$ 80,000 (approximately US$ 57,000 for more senior positions). These positions exist in a range of 634 locations at the moment.

12.  Financial Dealer – $235,558

Financial dealers are the highest-earning profession, even if it isn’t related to medicine. This umbrella term also includes stockbrokers, financial advisors, and other professionals who manage money on behalf of their clients.


 HTML557, 605


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Australia’s Highest Income?

The surgeons get the Highest paying salary jobs in australia, with AUD$394,303. Anesthetists bring in AUD$386,000 yearly.

What Is A High-Paying Job?

Do not discount house sitting as a good job. Your main responsibility is to make sure your home is clean and tidy. Additional tasks, such as watering the plants or checking the mail, are usually required.

Where can I find wealth in Australia?

According to recent research, the average Australian would need to make over $300,000 annually to qualify as “wealthy.”

What does Australia’s high pay mean?

In Australia, a highest paying jobs in Australia salary between AUD$7,500 and AUD$9,000 per month or AUD$90,000 to AUD$108,000 yearly is regarded as a respectable pay. Nevertheless, the national average is close to AUD$90,000. You can anticipate a higher pay in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, ranging from about AUD$110,000 to AUD$150,000,

Is $2,000,000 a respectable wage in Australia?

Despite the fact that over 15% of individuals surveyed earn more than $200,000 a year, less than 3% of Australians feel affluent overall. On a sliding scale, 55% of those polled said they were “comfortable” with their present level of income; nevertheless, the majority of respondents said they felt “rich” in comparison.

How much cash is required to comfortably live in Australia?

According to ASFA, a couple would need $640,000 in lump sum at retirement, while a single individual will need $545,000 in order to maintain a good standard of living. This is predicated on a partial Age Pension. According to ASFA, the Age Pension covers the majority of the costs of a moderate lifestyle that includes the essentials.

What Are A Fun And Rewarding Job?

Geographer, dietician, technical author, hydrologist, and dietician are some jobs that pay between $60,000 – $90,000. The following careers are attractive with high salaries: mathematician, astronomer, orthodontist, physicist, and political scientist.

What Are Some Jobs You Can Do If Your Passion Is To Travel?

This article is intended for professionals who are interested in travel-friendly job opportunities.
Travel lovers will find the best jobs. The idea of working eight hours a day behind a screen is not for everyone.
– Au pair
– Consultant
– ESL teacher
– International aid worker
– Peace Corps volunteer
– Scuba diving instructor
– Translator


Now you may decide which career path is best for you among the highest paying jobs in Australia. Each of these jobs has its advantages, which are ideal for starting a new career or relaunching an existing one.

These are just a few of the highest paying jobs in Australia options that you have. These include finance directors, public works engineering, geotechnical and engineering management, and managing directors. Feel free to choose any positions that suit your interests and preferences, and enjoy the work environment in Australia.

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